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Recycled materials, energy efficiency, sustainability, ecological solutions. Consumers want sustainable products. Let’s be one step ahead and start producing green solutions by using ecological materials and making products that have long life cycle.

Let’s study, test and manufacture high quality.

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Science Link, Baltic TRAM, NRCP, CAROTS, Casual Bee. In the Laboratory of materials research at the University of Turku I have had a possibility to work in many projects and do research for industrial customers.

The story of KeinoX began at the University of Turku by participating in a project called CAROTS. The idea and goal of the project was to bridge academia with industry, and provide industrial companies an easier access to materials research infrastructure of universities and other big scale research infrastructure.

Taina Laiho

Taina Laiho

founder, researcher and CEO

Riitta Perälä


Edwin Kukk

founder, Chairman of the Board

the basis of good service is experience and effective co-operation

we co-operate with

Casual Bee

University of Turku: MARI Materials research infrastructure

  • scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
  • surface chemistry
  • versatile materials research equipment

Åbo Akademi: Geology

  • minerals for water purification
  • minerals for nutrient recycling

MIXN: Mediators connecting industry to X-rays and neutrons

  • scientific service companies
  • a network of mediator companies, connecting industry to material analyses and other scientific services at large x-ray and neutron facilities

Solar Simulator Finland

  • weather induced changes in the surfaces
  • accelerated weathering, UV, solar and corrosion testing

MAXESS industry arena

  • materials research at MAX IV synchrotron