Materials research is an excellent tool for R&D

materiaalitutkimus = tutkimus + projektit + analyysit


Our way of doing research is customer oriented and effective. From us you can get solutions for materials research, product development, quality control and marketing.

materiaalitutkimus = tutkimus + projektit + analyysit


KeinoX is trustworthy, skilled, and responsible partner for working on projects and scientific reporting.

materiaalitutkimus = tutkimus + projektit + analyysit


KeinoX is a one stop shop for different analyses and measurement services. From our wide network, we can find the most competent partners and the best equipment for different research needs.

We offer materials research solutions for the needs of the manufacturing industry. Whether it is the chemical industry, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the manufacture of machines and equipment or something else, materials research provides answers to questions and tools for development.


  • development and research of new structures
  • analysis of the composition of the product
  • to study product aging
  • mechanical analysis and measurements
  • machining tests of different materials
  • water analyses
  • imaging
  • surface analysis
  • corrosion testing
  • studies according to the standard
  • to ensure the suitability of the product for the intended use

Contact us when you need materials expertise. Together with our partners from Finland and from abroad we can ensure fast and reliable services for various research needs.

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Innovaatioseteli on tarkoitettu alle 5-vuotiaille pienille yrityksille, joilla on uusi tuote- tai palveluidea, jolla on potentiaalia kansainväliseen kasvuun ja jonka eteenpäin viemiseksi yritys tarvitsee ulkopuolista osaamista. Innovaatiosetelissä avustuksen määrä on 4500 euroa ja avustuksen saajan omavastuuosuus on 1500 eur.

KeinoX is a one stop shop for services. KeinoX operates fast and confidentially.

KeinoX palvelukuvaus alkaa yrityksen tuotekehitysideasta, sitten tule materiaalitutkimus ja lopuksi valmis tuote

Buy your materials research


save your time

From KeinoX you can buy turnkey research and development including: making a research plan, finding suitable equipment, doing analyses and making a report. KeinoX can also do literature reviews based on scientific research.

save your money

If you buy materials research as a service, your company does not need to buy expensive equipment and you don’t need to spend your time learning to use those instruments.